Vision, Mission, and Values

The mission of the South Whidbey Children’s Center is to provide developmentally appropriate, curriculum-based early learning and childcare programs in a nurturing, loving, safe and stimulating environment.

Our vision is that all children who attend our Center feel that their voices are heard, their interests are engaged and that every day is filled with laughter, joy and exploration. When it comes time to leave, we envision every child heading into the world with curiosity, independence, compassion, resilience and critical thinking skills.

Our vision of SWCC includes a dignified, equitable workplace where we strive to provide living wages, benefits and professional development is vital to carrying out our mission. We also see supporting families, involving parents in our approach to education and nurturing the friendships amongst our families as being an important part of building a community in support of our young people.

Our vision for SWCC includes our larger role as community educators. We must educate our legislator and policy makers on the importance of funding programs to support children and families. It is so important to us to bring our philosophy forward into the community by participation in collaborative projects, offering training to other early childhood professionals and extending ourselves as a resource to others.

We hope that you’ll join us in our mission and consider helping us in our work to make our vision a continuing reality.