Curiosity and Compassion


South Whidbey Children’s Center Programs

HighScope curriculum is designed to meet children’s needs at all levels of development.  Our teachers act as facilitators in children’s learning; asking open ended questions in order to build essential critical thinking skills. As children age and/or are ready for new challenges our teachers meet their individual needs as supported through our curriculum.

Star Room: Children one to two and a half years old.

Teachers in the Star Room care for and support children as they discover the world around them. Children at this developmental stage are especially interested in sensory-motor exploration. The classroom and outdoor environment that we provide is full of materials with various textures, toys to push and pull, vehicles to ride on, books to read and opportunities to play with water, sand and other sensory engaging materials. Children in the Star Room spend time everyday exploring the outdoor playground, running, digging and investigating the natural world.

The Star Room uses a relationship-based model of care giving, wherein the teachers get to know each child individually. The goal is to help the children feel safe, secure and acknowledged as they begin to see themselves as individuals and separate functionally from their parents. Within this framework, children in the Star Room work on acquiring language, increasing gross motor skills and navigating social situations.

Honey Bear Room: Children two and a half to four years old.

Children in the Honey Bear Room are very curious and interested in imitating what they see happening around them. Honey Bear Room teachers provide a variety of learning resources and experiences for the children to learn and grow in a safe, nurturing environment.

Children at this developmental stage are beginning to play with their peers, learning to share and take turns. Children in the Honey Bear Room are introduced to problem solving strategies and conflict resolution. During this stage in a child’s life, we focus on supporting natural, significant leaps in development; Honey Bears are busy working on physical orientation, social skills and language.

Sunflower Room: Children three and a half to five and a half years old.

Children in the Sunflower Room are quickly developing self-confidence in movement, language and social relationships. At this stage, they are delving into the new worlds of numbers and literacy and are very interested in learning why things work the way they do.

Teachers in this area of our Center make sure the environment is rich in print, and they stock the room with a variety of writing and reading materials. They address children’s curiosity about the natural world and cause-and-effect relationships by encouraging hands-on investigation and exploration. The teachers provide a range of resources that promote engagement with numbers and use of counting. Children in this room are also mastering movement and balance through dances and games facilitated by the teachers. Teachers also use these activities to help children develop an understanding of rules to enhance their experience and aid in social development.

Our staff devotes time each week to prepare a curriculum that is based on the emerging experiences and interests of the children in the class. We adhere to the Washington State Early Learning and Development Guidelines and developmentally appropriate best practices to ensure that we are meeting the needs of the children in our school. Each day will involve exploratory learning, outside time, plenty of play, literacy development, math concepts, social and emotional support, child directed activities and teacher lead activities as well as rest time and meal time routines.

Because we value play as the primary vehicle for learning and growth, it is encouraged and built into every day and every level of care at SWCC.

At the end of your child’s day, families are supported by teachers in their established pick-up routine. We have many ways for you to receive communication about your child’s day. Each classroom has a board that lists “What We Did Today.” You will also often receive a small note that describe a specific event or a developmental milestone that your child achieved. Teachers also make themselves available to discuss the highlights of the day with parents. Should you need more discussion, we are always open to conferences, emails or phone calls. We believe that the parent is the primary educator in a child’s life, so we encourage parents to positively reinforce healthy behaviors and achievements, while also supporting children though problem solving and family modeling at home.

Every day at SWCC each child is nurtured, educated and valued at their developmental level. We combine child development guidelines, parental insights and HighScope curriculum to individualize the best learning path for every child.

Visit the HighScope web-site for more information about our adopted curriculum. To find out about our Early Achievers QRIS you can click here.