HighScope Curriculum

South Whidbey Children’s Center’s adopted curriculum is HighScope.  HighScope is an early childhood education model with over fifty years of experience and research support. This curriculum helps young children excel in literacy and cognitive learning. Most importantly, HighScope helps to develop the fundamental skills that determine success in adult life, such as critical thinking and decision making.

This model is based on engagement, play, developing relationships and encouragement. Using HighScope gives our teachers a foundation through which they can develop meaningful curriculum based on the emerging interests of the children in each classroom. Our teachers often act as facilitators, asking open ended questions designed to pique the interests and curiosity of each child. HighScope curriculum completely supports the emerging social and emotional needs of young children. It helps to prepare children for life by teaching them to love learning and inquiry as well as giving children the tools needed to self-advocate.

To learn more about HighScope, please see the following resources:

The 40-year Perry Preschool Study:

Learn more about HighScope at https://highscope.org/