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Our Programs

Star Room (12 months to 2.5 years)
Teachers in the Star Room support children as they discover the world around them. Children at this developmental stage are especially interested in sensory-motor exploration. The classroom and outdoor environments are full of materials with various textures, toys to push and pull, vehicles to ride on, books to read and opportunities to play with water, sand and other sensory materials. Stars spend time everyday exploring the outdoor playground, running, digging and investigating the natural world.

The Star Room uses a relationship-based model of care giving, wherein the teachers get to know each child individually. The goal is to help the children feel safe, secure and responded to as they begin to see themselves as individuals and separate from their parents. Within this framework, Stars work on acquiring language, increasing gross motor skills and navigating social situations.

Honey Bear Room (2.5- 4 years)
Honey Bear children are very curious and interested in imitating what they see happening around them. The teachers in the Honey Bear Room provide a variety of materials and experiences for the children to learn and grow in a safe, nurturing environment.

Children at this developmental stage are beginning to play with their peers, learning to share and take turns. Children in the Honey Bear Room are introduced to problem solving strategies and conflict resolution. We see large leaps in development; Honey Bears are busy working on physical skills, social skills and language.

Sunflower Room (3.5 to 5.5 years)
The Sunflower children are quickly developing self-confidence in movement, language and social relationships. They are delving into the new worlds of numbers and literacy, and are very interested in learning why things work the way they do.

Teachers make sure the environment is rich in print and stock the areas of the room with writing and reading materials. They address children's curiosity about the natural world and cause-and-effect relationships by encouraging hands-on investigations. The teachers provide various materials that promote awareness of numbers and use of counting. Pre-school-aged children are mastering movement and balance through a variety of dances and games. Teachers facilitate these activities and help children develop an understanding of rules to enhance their experiences.

Before and After School Age Care (Kindergarten through 5th Grade)

The School-Age program is committed to providing care to children that continues to be developmentally appropriate.

Children are given opportunities to take responsibility for planning activities, snack menus and field trips. Active play, crafts and quiet time for homework or resting are available during the day. We have science and literacy materials on hand to utilize if the children show interest. There are also opportunities for children to do woodworking and community service projects. Choice is built into each day to capitalize on school-aged children's decision-making capabilities.

Also Available for School Aged Children:
  • School Holiday and Teacher In-service Care
  • Summer Program Full Day School Age Care

Our Staff

The South Whidbey Children's Center is committed to providing the best possible experience for your children. We believe that the quality of care children receive is influenced by the working conditions and educational experience of their teachers. We are committed to improving wages, benefits, professional status and providing opportunities for professional development for our teachers. Sixty percent of Children's Center teachers have a Master's or Bachelor's degree in child development, education or social work. All of our teachers participate in continuing education and professional development. Our commitment to our children and teachers shows, as the Children's Center enjoys incredible employee retention with an average retention rate of 7 years!


Our Director

Kris Barker
Kris Barker holds a Bachelor's Degree in Human Development, with specializations in Early Childhood Education and Art Education from Pacific Oaks College. She taught in several different school environments throughout Los Angeles before moving to Whidbey Island in 2004 where she was the co-owner of a fair trade importing business. She joined The South Whidbey Children's Center first in 2005 on the Board of Directors and then in 2011 as the Executive Director.

Kris believes that The South Whidbey Children's Center holds a special place in all of our hearts- for its innovative and progressive work with young children and families. She is proud to be a part of the Center's tradition of quality care, and looks forward to incorporating new approaches in the Center's work with children and families.

Our Program Supervisor

Sue Ann Brewer
Sue Ann moved to Whidbey Island in 2011.  She resides with her family, Russell Mays, and their shared children Chase Brewer, Erin Brewer, and Lily Mays.

Sue Ann brings a fresh perspective to the Children’s Center.  She is excited about supporting teachers around the Children’s Centers adopted High/Scope curriculum.   Sue Ann’s expertise with teacher mentoring and certification, curriculum planning and development will aid her in the implementation of new programs and support services. Sue Ann believes in the value of high quality early childhood programs and their importance to a child’s future success.  She is very excited about working for the South Whidbey Children’s Center and being an integral part of such an established community school.

Sue Ann holds her B.S.ed  in K-8 Elementary Education with a minor in Middle School Science.  She also has M.S.ed in Administration from Northwest Missouri State University.  She holds current teaching certificates both in Missouri and Washington State.  Sue Ann has worked at all levels of education in the elementary classroom, middle school science 6-8, speech/drama 6-8, as well as rolls in a variety of administrative positions that include district lead mentor teacher, administrative leadership, curriculum development, and supervision duties.




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